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    Mako is also human based. An UTAUloid with the aesthetics of a kunoichi, she is known to be the preferred UTAU for beginners.File:Luna-icon.png
        Mako Nagoné        Luna amane

    A young looking and sounding UTAUloid. She is illustrated as a small girl, and her voicebank must be carefully tweaked to sound lifelike.A gentle, whispy-voiced UTAU with a gray and white theme and decent range.Taya is a somewhat rich-voiced UTAU with blue hair and a butler's uniform.Sora is a male UTAUloid that has a robotic voice and an obsession to curry.Sara Suiga, Sora's brother, no longer a mere genderbend.
    Nana haruka         Yufu sakka               taya soune            Sora suiga               Sara suiga

    Fjord is Series 2 of the PSS Project, also called the JOKALOID, as named by his creators.Either known as Koto Fuuga or Koto Samune, she is sometimes confused as Sara Suiga, the genderbent version of Sora Suiga.A calm and soft-voiced but extremely moody UTAUloid that likes bamboos and pandas.Eiichi, an all-black UTAUloid in a trenchcoat.Yumi, a short faux tsundere TUNDELOID.
    Fjord Donka            Koto fuuga             sayu Yurika              Eiichi todoroki         yumi motone

    File:Hibiki-icon.pngTaku Tokine, a placid man in glasses with blue and yellow outfit.Tsubame, an UTAUloid with a smooth voice, donning a tuxedo.Miru Takane, a treble-oriented UTAU voicebank.Kotodama, an enigmatic mage UTAUloid.
    Hibiki raika             Taku tokine              Stubame Utano    Miru takane            kotodama
    File:Sana.pngRenji Soune, Re:nGLoid, and former partner of Ria Soune.Ria Soune, Re:ALoid, and former partner of Renji Soune.Loke, a bar owner, widower and UTAUloid.Pan Kanino, or better known as Kanipan, an androgynous crab UTAUloid. Can be also called by his/her/its eastern name, Kani no Pan.
    Sana fuyune           renzi soune           Ria soune                loke                           Pan kamino
    Tuu Shizukane, a peaceful-sounding UTAU voicebank.Shin Kaiga, an UTAUloid with anything in regards to the sea.Yuzu, a generic schoolboy UTAUloid that knows how to sing low notes.Mon Anchi, a bass-oriented UTAUloid.Shigu, a soft-sounding UTAUloid who likes computer games.
    Tuu shizukane      shin kaiga                  yuzu shouga         mon anchi             shigu muon 
    Shisu Roku, a catboy loxiloid in a shrine outfit.There is no visual design for Yuu Tsukune yet.Yone, a male Japanese foodmaker clad in kimono, also a cocoloid.A topless kitsune UTAUloid, with a black fox familiar.Satsuki, an UTAUloid clad in traditional Japanese outfit.
    Shisu roku                Yuu tsukune           Yone mochitsuki    kuro kitsunein       Satsuki souka

    Another "quality" product from vip@2ch, the folks that brought you Teto and Ruko. Fuu, a female UTAUloid with a bell for her necktie. Kuu, a female UTAUloid with a dark-brown scheme, and inability to ride bikes. Eru, a female UTAUloid with her brother (genderbend) Tona. Suki, a catgirl UTAUloid. Left Left
    Ritsu Naminé
    Fuu Suzune
    Kuu Komane
    Eru Eiga
    Suki Nekoga
    Wichiko Wawon
    Left Colon Manaka, a busty but childish UTAUloid. There is no design for Konka. Ame, a violent UTAUloid that can write, but can't draw. She's also flat-chested. Kiri, a male voicebank based from Ame. Saku, a blonde male derivative of Sana Fuyune. Not much is known about him. Niku, female "superhero" UTAUloid that likes little boys and meat.
     Colon manakaKonka
    Ame Akane
    Kiri Midorine
    Saku Kirine
    Niku Supune
    An UTAUloid with a bandage on HIS mouth. Yes, Pine IS a male. A snake with a dog's head... and also sings. A delivery dogboy UTAUloid. Sutora, a blonde male UTAUloid. Gii, an UTAUloid in a dinosaur jumpsuit. Sen, an UTAUloid working for a printing company, regular in LOKE's joint. Also named Sen, his little polar-opposite sister, and voicebank derivative.
    Pine Namarine
    Ichi Inuga
    Sutora Keiga
    Gii ariyaSen Koumi  Sen