• Musique : KagomeP
    Paroles: 5
    Illustration : skume
    Logo design : Mikepochi
    Vocal : Kaai Yuki

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    Romaji :

    Pandora's Box

    Rainbow Kaleidoscope
    Raining puzzle pieces
    Cheery harmonica
    A picture book still unknown
    Lyrical Music Box
    Rockin' Rockin' wooden horse
    Smiling doll
    Blocks becoming a castle

    What is missing?

    You're into toys
    Rubbish toys and first-kiss
    "Let's trade - yes we should"
    The jack-in-the-box laughs

    Rusted harmonica
    Blocks without pillars
    Silent Music Box
    Broken legged wooden horse
    Junked doll
    Mismatching puzzle pieces
    Shattered Kaleidoscope

    What is missing?

    Deeper into toy
    The world sinks - unable to breathe.
    "Catch me if you can, I'm clapping here"
    Who is [your/my] second-kiss?

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